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(The music fact for today isn’t exactly a fact so you describe it, but nevertheless something i found interesting as i have been listening to Bon Iver’s music recently)

The folk band Bon Iver independently released its first album in July of 2007. I specifically put “its” there as, at least in the beginning, Bon Iver only consisted of one person, that being Justin Vernon. Justin Vernon started Bon Iver as a kind of relapse; his previous band had broken up, his girlfriend had broken up with him, while getting mono as a plus, he escaped to his fathers cabin in the woods for an entire winter, and that is where he wrote Bon Iver’s first album: For Emma, Forever Ago. Now before i go into details, the name Bon Iver came from a TV show Justin was watching while in the cabin, which depicted a bunch of Alaskan citizens who would greet each other by saying “Bon hiver”. Instead of calling it Bon Hiver (which Vernon thought sounded too much like ┬áhives, which also reminded him of how he was sick), Vernon named it “Bon Iver”. Just using an old Silvertone guitar and a simplistic Shure SM57 recording device (at times some other instruments were used such as drums, but it was mainly just the above), Justin recorded Bon Iver’s first album by himself, playing all the instruments, doing all the overdubs, and editing the album all by himself, a pretty impressive feat you don’t see too much, especially when that album is amazing (check it out sometime it is pretty spectacular).

Yoni Gottlieb


PS. 2 months exactly until “The Avengers” comes out