Im gonna post some links to some really good bits of some movie soundtracks. These aren’t in any particular order they are just very good bits to some soundtracks that I enjoy.

1. Pans Labyrinth-Music Written by Javier Navarrete- The lullaby in Pan’s Labyrinth is one of the most beautiful, sad and touching pieces of music i have heard in a while. Javier Navarrete really capture the core of the film in this soundtrack, and it will stick with you long after you watch the film.

2. Looper-Music Written by Nathan Johnson-I didn’t really notice the soundtrack to Looper until i watched it a few times. This part of the soundtrack occurs at the ending of the movie, and it really ties the movie together.

3. Dark Knight Rises- Music Written By Hans Zimmer- This in my opinion is one of Hans Zimmer’s better movie scores. My favorite part of the score in particular is when Bruce Wayne is climbing out of the pit. It is a powerful moment in the film, and Hans Zimmer really captures the moment with his score.

4. Oblivion- Music Written by M83- Director Joseph Kosinski really has a knack for picking who to do the soundtracks for his films. He got Daft Punk to score his Tron Legacy, and he got M83, an amazing french electronic artist to score his recent film Oblivion. It really is an amazing score, and was probably one of the better parts of the movie.

5. Kill Bill Vol 1- Soundtrack by Tarantino-All of Tarantino’s soundtracks are amazing, but in particular his soundtrack for Kill Bill Vol 1 (as well as Django) was incredible, and really made the movie awesome. Here are two different parts of the soundtrack that are pretty awesome.

Twisted Nerve-

Lonely Shepherd-