Mission Imposssible: Ghost Protocol

Directed by Brad Bird

Starring Tom Cruise, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner


In the flood of awful, Micheal Bay-esque action movies that have and sadly will keep flooding into theaters (Battleship, anyone), one or two action movies are released that are actually worth noticing. “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” is definitely one of these movies, serving to prove that Hollywood still has the capability to create entertaining, exciting, and. well made action flicks without them entirely consisting of explosions. Mission Impossible supersedes the average action flick for various reasons. First of all, it is directed by Brad Bird, the director who most notably helmed films like “The Incredibles”, “Ratatouille”, and “The Iron Giant”. This is his first live action movie, and as he has proved to us again and again how incredible of a director he is, doing a spot on job. Second of all, it is just such fun, classy, smart movie. It isn’t afraid to be ambitious, creating extensively creative and intense action sequences, which makes the movie a uniquely fun experience, something you don’t get to see a lot at the movies. Out of the actors, Tom Cruise and Paula Patton both give very fine performances, but I personally preferred Simon Pegg’s performance, along with Jeremy Renner, who previously gave excellent performances in The Town and The Hurt Locker, made a perfect addition to this movie. Finally, the writers of this film are ingenious in their decision in not to make it’s plot too complicated that it ends up being convoluted; instead, they make it smart and stylish enough so it is perfectly easy to understand and still really fun to watch. In conclusion, the newest installment in the Mission Impossible series is its best due to its pristine directing, incredible action, fine sense of humor, and it’s unique ambition.